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Established in 2005, Euro Eyewear Group is at the forefront of the international eyewear industry with its brands Revlon, Filos, and Red Rose.


Based in London, Euro Eyewear counts with offices in China as well as distributors in different countries to provide the best comprehensive customer support.


Our goal is to create vibrant, unique designs and affordable spectacle frames, combining quality and aesthetic together.


We are driven by passion, ambition and the desire to meet our clients' needs, and priorities.

Revlon Eyewear


Revlon is a world leader in cosmetics, skin care, fragrance and personal care.


Founded in 1932, it started with a single product, a nail enamel, which soon became a best seller and in six years Revlon become a multimillion dollar company.


It's a history of growth and expansion which led Revlon to enter the eye-care market.




The Filos Brand name originates from the acronym F.I.L.O.S. or Fabbrica Italiana Lavorazione Occhiali Segusino (Italian Factory of Eyewear in Segusino).


Founded in 1946, Filos is still the centre of the Italian eyewear industry. They specialise in classic, timeless styles with maximum comfort and functional design.


Filos has now become an internationally renowned eyewear brand, synonym of skilled workmanship, quallity and elegant style.

Red Rose is a fashionable eyewear label which has experienced rapid growth over the years.


From Paris to New York, London to Tokyo, Red Rose offers elegant designs remaining true to its values of innovation, quality and value.


Red Rose Eyewear
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